We are focused on coffee quality, this is what we are about.
After a long and meticulous search, involving visits to a number of coffee roasters in Italy and London, we decided to buy our coffee from
Union Hand-roasted.
We opted for quality as our main consideration. At Union, they are utter coffee geeks, amongst the most established roasters within the London speciality coffee scene.
Unlike other UK roasters, they allow for blends that are not too bright / acidic, and reflect more the tradition of the Italian espresso. We felt that this was more in line with the type of product we wanted to serve. We chose the Foundation blend, 100% Arabica, dark and sweet, strong body, with a hint of acidity.Foundation Blend
Union Hand-Roasted are also supplying our “guest coffee”, served as filter coffee, to be rotated on a weekly basis.
We also made a choice for sustainability. We make our living out of coffee, and it’s important to us that our impact on the environment and coffee growers is a positive one. Hand-Roasted Union is based in East London, and import their coffee directly from the farmers, without intermediaries. 

They are genuinely focused on improving the life conditions of the farmers, and on establishing a long relationship with them. We feel that they are very much on the growers side, please check their statement on their direct trade policy to get an idea. A recent article of The Guardian mentions Union as main supporter of Direct Trade in the UK. 


As for coffee preparation, we have a truly state of the art coffee machine, Wega Concept, with a dual boiler and using the latest technology to control the brewing temperature. We grind the coffee on demand, to make sure every espresso shot is super-fresh. We measure and weigh our espresso shots with meticulous precision and steam the milk to a velvety and creamy consistency.

And we know how to do all this with good speed, which is essential within a station environment!

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